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You are the champions for our children. This podcast is about you! Your words. Your voices. Your stories. Your experiences.

May 18, 2020

Doing the right thing doesn't always mean doing what's most convenient or expeditious. It takes sacrifice, cooperation, and shared accountability. It requires trust between patients and staff, and between associates and leadership. Sometimes it means staying all night to get the job done because others are counting on you!

SEGMENT 1: Dr. Lonna Gordon is the associate chief of adolescent medicine for the Nemours Children's Hospital in Orlando. Adolescents can be a tough crowd, but for Dr. Gordon, working with the 10-25-year-old age group is exactly where she wants to be. It started with both an early desire to pursue medicine, and an encounter with a teenaged patient who demonstrated that, for adolescents, trust is a precious commodity.

SEGMENT 2: Anesthesiologist Dr. Jay Deshpande serves as the Chief For Quality and Safety for the Nemours Florida operation. He is aa champion and leader in implementing "Just Culture"  here at Nemours. He talks about what is meant by "Just Culture," and how it impacts the work done by Nemours Associates across the enterprise. 

SEGMENT 3: When it comes to all things related to the heating, cooling, and ventilation of Nemours facilities throughout the Delaware Valley, Jeff Harris is the Nemours Associate to know! He is a facilities maintenance supervisor heading up the HVAC team responsible for Nemours newest location, such as those in Deptford, New Jersey and Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, to the A.I. Dupont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, portions of which date back to mid-twentieth century. Each presents it’s own challenges for Jeff and his team, and its love of the challenge, care for the kids and the feeling of being  a the overall Nemours team atmosphere - working in unison to keep kids health - that had kept Jeff coming back day after day (sometimes night after night) for over 15 years.